Our Team

Gregorio Cañellas, Founder

Born in Ibiza, his earliest memories are of sunny summer days spent with his family by the sea. Countless hours of snorkelling searching for sea urchins, octopi, starfish and catching fish with a rudimentary fishing line.

Later in life, Gregorio spent summers during his university years as a sailing instructor in the ENV Calanova, in Palma, teaching the joys of competitive sailing from small optimists to riveting Lasers to an international audience.

Throughout his life, particularly when his career took him away from the Balearics, Gregorio grew more convinced of the importance of the sea in the context of our lives and our future.

Gregorio is a graduate from Hamilton College and the Kellogg School of Management. He recently completed a course of Superyacht brokerage at the Maritime Training Academy in Surrey, England.

Luisa Mínguez, Co-founder

Luisa felt the attraction of the sea and Ibiza from a very young age. After the completion of her marketing studies in Madrid she became a full-time resident of her beloved island and embarked on a nautical career specializing in local private charters and boat excursions.

Over the years she combined her work in a wide variety of boats at the local marinas with the completion of a number of nautical certifications.

It is her abundant experience in the Ibiza marine industry that persuaded her of the need to create experiences specifically designed for families revolving around the sea and marine life.

Luisa has concentrated in ensuring customer satisfaction and identifying new business partners for Meet the Sea.

She holds PPER and skipper of passenger ships licenses.

Agnès Torres, Marine Biologist

Agnès is a biologist with a specialisation in Marine science, born in Ibiza and with a passion for the sea that is truly infectious. She joined Meet the Sea with the objective of designing specific marine content to enrich the onboard learning experience of all our visitors.

Our clients are delighted by her ability to convey her knowledge to an international audience of all ages in a clear, enthusiastic and fun manner. She identifies marine fauna and ecology which are showcased during our snorkelling tours and drone immersions while reminding us of our responsibility in keeping our oceans clean.

Agnès is a biology graduate from the Central University of Catalonia in Vic and MsC graduate from the University of La Laguna in Tenerife. She furthered her career at California State University Monterey bay in Monterey, California.

Jesica Traicovich, Audiovisual producer

Jes keeps our Meet the Sea journey well documented with her passion for video and music. Her GoPro is constantly surrounding us in and out of the water! 

We are particularly thankful for her dedication and patience in creating content and relentless editing prowess. This year she has helped us in developing specific content for our subaquatic drone which has added a new dimension to our company in offering our clients a new experience in Ibiza.

Her avid desire to learn and constant energy and smile always motivates us.

Our Friends & Advisors

Iñigo Toledo, Naval architect & Managing Director at Barracuda Yacht Design

A leading designer immersed in a great variety of yacht projects, Iñigo represents accuracy and elegance at sea. From volume producers of small boats right up to America’s Cup level and, as Senior Project Manager of the construction of “Fortuna” the Spanish State yacht, Iñigo has experience with just about every type of yacht and boat design.

We are very fortunate to listen to his advice in all matters regarding the choice of boats for our experiences: whether looking for a casual yet efficient vessel for our family trip or a timeless classic for our luxury private charter, Iñigo will give us time and again sharp insights as to the pros and cons of each.He is also a strategic advisor to our company from its inception and we hope to continue to grow under his auspices.

Lynda Rathbone, Digital strategist, writer and performer

In Lynda we have a truly unique character. As a specialist in digital strategy she excels in the fields of customer experience and online process, having worked for digital agencies and written a book on the subject. She has done pivotal consulting work for international firms like Sky, Lloyds TSB, Harper Collins and Save the Children amongst others.She worked for the US government under the Clinton administration as a speechwriter and created the first email and website for the White house as well.

As impressive as her professional credentials are, we enjoy even more her creative side: Events manager, performer, DJ…and above all, someone with the ability to bring humanity, fun and innovation to any project to which she feels emotionally attached.We hope to continue to enjoy her original thinking and truly “outside the box” approach.

Eva Mínguez, site administrator

Eva is an agricultural engineer by degree and an enthusiast of information technology.

She has provided Meet the Sea with methodology, details, and a greatly improved user experience on our website. As our page is the main vehicle of interaction with our public, we appreciate your generous effort and availability whenever we need it. We are sure to keep hearing the perpetual “improvements”, big and small, that she suggests and catches our attention.

It is a pleasure to work with you and we are very grateful for your passion!