2022 Sunset snorkelling treasure challenge

Meet the Sea begins in June 2022 a sunset snorkelling treasure challenge only for adults.

Over the past two years, many of you visited us in our Family Boat Trip. A lot of couples and groups of friends asked for a Meet the Sea experience for adults only. Since then, we have tried to deliver an experience that would keep the soul of the family experience but would add an element of innovation and challenge for an adult audience. All levels of swimmers are welcome!

“Edutainment” is the word that guides our philosophy. Educating about the sea and entertaining at sea is our objective, in order to strengthen our ties with the subject of our company. The Sunset snorkelling treasure challenge is a a new way to discover the depths of the ocean, its beauty and the wellbeing that we receive when embraced by it. Let’s see what awaits you when you join us this summer:

  1. Preparing the challenge: Shortly after we leave harbour, our guide will prepare you for the afternoon’s activities. A brief presentation on the way to our secluded creek will show you in pictures the species that you will find underwater: sea urchins, posidonia, ornate wrasse, sea cucumbers, and many more. Here you have to use your memory skills to retain as many as you can! The challenge consists in improvising teams that, GOPRO in hand, will endeavour to capture in images a certain number of species underwater. The team that gets a full and clear picture of every species will get the chance to find our treasure…and its prize

2. Jump into the sea with our GOPRO cameras: Every level of swimmer can participate. Our guide will conduct a brief demo in the water to improve your free diving technique for those who want it…Or, if you are a beginner and want a life vest to take part in the challenge, do not worry, you can do so. The challenge is a fun way to discover beauty under water, to snorkel and swim and to feel the afternoon sunday’s in the water…

3. Find that Treasure! The team that brings back to the boat the photos first gets the hints and clues to search for the treasure. Where is it hidden? What is in it?

4. A history of Ibiza 60’s to 90’s music: During our four hours at sea, a soft, sunset selection of Ibiza songs plays in the background. What is an Ibiza song? Local journalist and music historian Juan Suárez has generously contributed to the Sunset challenge by selecting a list of great musicians and their songs. Songs that were composed when the author was in Ibiza and were influenced by the island. You will be surprised by the list, the quality and the history of every song!

5. Appetisers and toast to the sunset..in a boho-chic boat: To finish off our sunset, delicious appetisers and a cocktail are served as the sun goes down. Relax. Look round you. The boat’s decor is conceived by star designer of high society events Toni Riera, who is always there to lend a hand to concepts deeply committed to his native San Antonio.

Meet the Sea awaits you. Bookings are already accepted for Sunset challenges from June 2, 2022.

meet the sea underwater drone in action during our Family Boat trip

2022 Ibiza Family Boat Trip

Meet the Sea provides you with the ultimate boat adventure with its 2022 Ibiza Family Boat trip for kids and adults.

Our 2022 Meet the sea Ibiza Family Boat trip continues to delight with its onboard marine life presentation, thrilling and beautiful guided snorkelling tour and treasure hunt for the little ones.

For 2022, our upcoming third season, we continue to deliver in our proposal of “edutainment”. A new concept in nautical tourism that offers education and entertainment within an unforgettable 4-hour boat trip along the coast of Ibiza. Designed for families and with something of specific value for every age group, here are the reasons to include us in your 2022 summer holiday:

  1. Our Marine Life presentation: Shortly after we leave harbour, our guide will prepare you for the day’s activities with a brief presentation about the fascinating marine life that you witness underwater during our guided snorkelling tour. Starfish, Sea cucumbers, Neptune grass or Posidonia, Sea urchins, and many more are shown in pictures and explained. Curiosities and factoids about their behaviour that are entertaining and a source of wonder!
  2. Our marine biologist-designed guided snorkelling tour: Once we drop anchor in one of our selected spots ( depending on the day’s weather conditions it could be Cala Comte or Cala Bassa, maybe Cala Salada or the stunning waters of Punta Galera) we prepare for our exciting guided snorkelling tour. It is time to see live creatures with our mask and snorkel led by our guide in an area of stunning natural beauty brimming with marine life. A true open water aquarium in pristine waters filled with fish and marine plants of intense colours! A fantastic adventure for all ages, with top entertainment and educational value.
  3. Our Treasure Hunt: Small children are truly excited by the presence of our onboard Pirate Morgan, who, through a maze of hints, messages and a mysterious floating bottle will persevere until together they find her long-lost treasure. Kids love it!
  4. Our great reviews: Just look at what our past visitors have to say about the Meet the Sea Family boat trip. Trip Advisor and Get your Guide are two of the platforms where you can find extensive and detailed reviews about our experience…

Meet the Sea aims to keep our audience active and thrilled in every boat trip with a content that is valuable and entertaining. Come share with us the excitement of marine life and give your family the gift of education and appreciation for the Sea.

Onboard your Yacht with Smartcharter

You may now enjoy the Meet the Sea experience delivered to your private yacht or day charter.
From June 1st, 2021, Smartcharter is offering our Meet the Sea “Onboard your yacht” experience to their clients. You may now enjoy the Meet the Sea marine experience delivered to your yacht wherever you have dropped anchor in Formentera or Ibiza.

What is “Onboard your Yacht”?

Our team comprised of 2 members arrives in a zodiac to the location of your yacht. We pick you up and take you to a nearby zone selected by our marine biologist that is brimming with marine life and natural beauty. It is time to put on our snorkelling gear and go on a guided tour to enjoy beautiful and wild settings and…learn a bit about marine life!
The activity lasts for about three hours and is a true marine adventure and an opportunity for you to become an “expert” in marine biology and take some beautiful underwater pictures. We will have our subaquatic drone with us to make your experience more complete!

How do you book “Onboard your Yacht”?

You may book through Smartcharter by calling them when you reserve your day charter. We just need to know a day in advance and Smartcharter will let us know. You decide the time of day you want us to come to you, morning or afternoon.

For who is this activity ideal?

We always think that children in particular can benefit from the activity, but to our surprise it is adults who ask more questions and are active participants.The value of learning about the sea and enjoying its beauty can never be overstated. Offer the opportunity to friends and family!

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