Onboard Your Yacht

Meet the sea delivers to your yacht an unforgettable day of excitement and learning.
Wherever you have dropped anchor, our Meet the Sea team will come to you on our zodiac to meet you and unravel the wonders and secrets of the biodiversity and marine life of our beloved Mediterranean.
During three hours, we will organise a snorkelling tour designed by our marine biologist Helena Margot, a short presentation about the marine life of our beautiful island and a drone immersion to scour the depths of the sea.
All the activities will take place in our zodiac… and then we will take you back to your boat.
The experience is a terrific marine adventure that is delivered to your yacht. Just book a few days before your day charter to ensure availability!


When: Any day of the week starting May 1st, 2021 until October 31st, 2021.
Delivery: Any place where your yacht might be anchored. Our Meet the sea team will come to you.
Duration: Our activities last for about 3 hours
Time (s):

Option A: 12 noon to 3 pm
Option B: 4 pm to 7 pm

Boat/ Vessel: The Meet the Sea activity can be accommodated to any type of yacht.
We will pick you up in our zodiac, a maximum of 6 people at a time. If there are more of you, we will do two shifts, up to a maximum of 12 people per yacht.
Crew: Meet the Sea will arrive with 1 or 2 team members depending on the size of your group.
Price: 1000 € + VAT 21%: 1210 €

Included in the activity

-Short presentation about the biodiversity of our island: marine seaweed and plants, types of fish, sea urchins, starfish, etc.
-Practical demonstration on the use of our subaquatic drone and immersion in a strategic zone brimming with marine life
-Guided snorkelling tour designed by our marine biologist to witness live the species that inhabit our seas
-Optional: Treasure hunt for children (6-12 years old)