special offer summer 2023 discount for Las dalias clients


Special offers for summer 2023 by Meet the Sea

We want to reward the clients of our favourite companies and establishments in Ibiza and around the world. The companies we have selected have had a positive and crucial impact on the development of Ibiza as a destination for people from all countries.

Some companies below have shaped what Ibiza is today by playing a key role over the years. Others have created a unique concept that influences and inspires people, attracting them to the white island. All of them are crucial in the present and future of Ibiza.

Selected establishments

Las Dalias Hippy market: The original establishment, founded in 1954, represents the transition that Ibiza as an island experienced over the last five decades. Hallmark of the welcoming spirit of the island, Las Dalias ranks top of our favourite establishments due to its tolerance, diversity and creativity.

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Café del Mar: We still remember the original café where tapes were sold over the counter. Legendary chill tunes that began to shock the world one sunset at a time. The promenade changed forever after this place opened and we want to pay homage to them.

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Pacha: What can one say? Since Ricardo Urgell had this fabulous dream in a finca “too far from ibiza”as some judged in 1973, the show goes on. Generations dance on and dream on. Under the new impulse of Trilantic, the brand grows.

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Decathlon Ibiza: The brand that does the most for all of us to practice sports at a reasonable price. We work with them and use their products because we also believe in bringing the Sea to you. And all it has to offer: mental health, discovery, self-confidence, adventure and fun.

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Marble Stella Maris: A hotel in Cap Negret near Sant Antoni that was built in the 1970’s. A romantic choice for us as our founder’s birthplace was only a few meters away. A small town in itself, the architecture of the hotel deserves praise with its timeless charm.

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Stay tuned for more establishments to be added

We will be adding new establishments to our list so that new special offers summer 2023 for Meet the Sea experiences arise for more of you. See our experiences for 2023 and detailed information of our Family Boat trip and our Snorkelling Adventure. Or for the Group Private Charter if you want to enjoy privately with your group of friends!

Stay tuned for new places!