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Memories 2022 of Meet the Sea onboard the Family Boat trip

Memories of 2022

December 29th, 2022.

Memories of 2022 and the long summer that was onboard Meet the Sea. In the video below are some of the highlights of our Family Boat trip around the sea of Ibiza and some of the stories that made us smile.

Remembering summer with Meet the Sea

We are all aware of the digital advances of our era and the profound changes they imply in children’s education. I personally marvel at the means available to teachers and students today when I think of my classroom. I also feel that children across Europe and the UK are today more outspoken, independent and willing to discover. It is crucial that these innate qualities and the excellent support obtained in school find completion with a strong relationship with our planet. That is perhaps the main reason Meet the Sea exists. Our desire to provide an experience and memories that will awaken or stoke a child’s curiosity for the sea.

I am in awe of the courage shown by so many children during our Family Boat trip. Dropping anchor in 30 feet of water poses a challenge for many, no matter how beautiful and secluded the spot. So many questions thrown at our guides as we get ready to snorkel: are there sharks? How deep is it? Why is the water dark over there? And despite their initial hesitation, we soon saw them with their mask following our guide. How proud I felt of these courageous children! How wise of their parents to support, motivate and push them to discover and challenge their fears!

Once in the water it is important that children get to see marine life from up close: It is important to understand the role of Posidonia Oceanica or Neptune grass in our environment. Or to witness the slow movements of the sea urchin as they seek protection. All of these small wonders help the young ones develop empathy for the creatures below and develop their love and concern for the environment.

Summer memories of 2022 onboard were about open blue skies and pristine waters. They were also about secluded bays that make us feel unique and that convey a sense of exclusivity to our holiday. And certainly also about discovering a number o species probably unknown to most. But perhaps more importantly they were about the personal growth experienced by children who challenged their fears. The satisfaction they felt for braving the depths of the sea and the unknown. The curiosity that thrilled them when discovering a new world. And perhaps the beginning of new horizons deployed in their limitless imagination.

Our thanks to Visit Sant Antoni for some of the pictures depicted in the video above and especially to our onboard photographer Jesica for her daily work.

10 benefits of the sea: Guided snorkelling tour by Meet the Sea in Ibiza

10 Benefits of the Sea

December 9, 2022.

10 benefits of the sea that you experience when joining us in one of our Meet the Sea experiences around the Ibiza coast.

I have often wondered why being at sea makes me happy. Perhaps the fact that I was born in Ibiza accentuated the importance of answering the question. Over the years I have observed people at sea and read abundantly on the subject.

Here are the 10 benefits to being at sea with us:

  1. The health impact of sea air. As we approach the sea, before we even set foot in it, we are overcome with a sense of calm and wellbeing. Why is that? A study conducted by Jo Garrett, of the University of Exeter, concentrated on the benefits of mental health due to coastal proximity. It appears that being near the sea reduces depression, anxiety and mortality rates.
  2. The positive effect on your brain and lungs. The immediate sense of improved breathing is the result of salt in the air. As Oceanic states, the ocean’s waves produce negative ions that increase oxygen flow to your brain. As a result, you feel more energised and relaxed. Minerals in sea water also help clear the airways and breathing the sea breeze naturally cleanses our lungs.
  3. Natural relaxation at sea. As we leave the harbour behind onboard our boat, we begin to feel surrounded by silence and peace. Only the sound of the waves and light ocean spray surround us as the morning sun awakes our senses. We feel calm, invaded by a sense of peace and wellbeing as we look forward to our sea adventure.
  4. Feeling social and energised. Friends, families, different age groups and nationalities all converge in a medium size group on the Family Boat trip. The joy we feel when setting out to sea enhances our social instinct, the desire to interact and appetite for adventure.
  5. The challenge posed by the sea: Our sometimes too sedentary lives need a good impulse during the sea holiday! As soon as we drop anchor, we start our mask and snorkel fitting session. In a matter of minutes, you start our guided snorkelling tour exploring the bottom of the sea and discovering the underwater world.
  6. Calm at Sea: No sounds, only breathing. As you begin to follow our guide who leads you into the unknown, we only hear the sound of our breath. The snorkel amplifies the sound of our rhythmic breathing and we feel a natural meditative state invading us.
  7. Sense of achievement after the adventure: Swimming in open seas, interacting with sea creatures and seeing 20 feet of water below you is unusual! Your mind acknowledges the challenge and your soul feels enriched and strengthened as you arrive back to the boat.
  8. Personal growth of children and adults: We are always impressed by the courage shown by small children in deep waters. By their smile after they conquer their fears and the satisfaction that is drawn in their faces. And by the joy felt by parents as they watch their children. Only because of this single aspect the adventure is worth your time!
  9. Your skin, your muscles, your mind: Feel the impact on your skin as the minerals act during our snorkelling tour. Feel the soft impact of exercise at sea: your muscles tighten in a natural and gradual way, your joints do not suffer and your mind is ta peace.
  10. A return to land filled with joy: We arrive back to the dock feeling different. A sense of adventure, wellbeing, achievement, serenity and health surrounds our being. We are now feeling better about ourselves, more positive and eager to go out at sea again. Come join us in 2023 to discover it for yourself!
marble stella maris

Marble Stella Maris

Marble Stella Maris clients’ special offer for summer 2023 by Meet the Sea in selected experiences.

A bit of history

A hotel in Cap Negret near Sant Antoni that was built in the 1970’s. A romantic choice for us as our founder’s birthplace was only a few meters away. A small town in itself, the architecture of the hotel deserves praise with its timeless charm. The arches that decorate many of the bungalows are reminiscent of those that preside traditional ibicenco farmhouses. The narrow winding paths, the mediterranean gardens and the use of wooden beams are a great example of simple design made timeless.

The hotel is near the small bay of Cala Gració and tiny Cala Gracioneta. They are two secluded, quiet and fun spots to visit in the glorious bay of Sant Antoni. The bay offers visitors a great opportunity to snorkel and enjoy underwater beauty. Why not let us show you a great boat adventure at sea with us? Terrific fun, entertainment, adventure and yes, a bit of marine education!

Why the discount for Marble Stella maris?

We are very fond of the clientele from this hotel that has blessed with their presence since we started our boat trips in 2020. They have truly shown a great spirit : curious, adventuresome, eager to enjoy the sea and courageous.

Obviously we have great memories of Cap Negret, a place with incredible sunsets. We also cherish the countless days of snorkelling as a child in Cala Gracio. All these circumstances combined have resulted in the Stella maris having a special place in our hearts!

Come enjoy a great boat adventure with us and let us entice you with a small discount!

Meet the sea experiences and your discount code

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Discount code: stellamaris2023

What our customers say:

We are thrilled to welcome you in any of our experiences soon!

Marble stella maris

decathlon Ibiza

Decathlon Ibiza

Decathlon Ibiza clients’ special offer for summer 2023 by Meet the Sea in selected experiences.

A bit of history:

The store’s arrival to Ibiza in 2012 was a true shift in paradigm for the island’s sports lovers. A huge surface entirely devoted to sports and, crucially, at great prices. The underlying philosophy of the store is one that we couldn’t agree with more: to make sports available to everyone at an affordable price.

Meet the Sea offer entertainment and education at sea. We do so with snorkelling at the centre of our boat activities and the taste of sports and adventure as our hallmark. We share with decathlon the love of sport and that is why we signed a cooperation agreement in November 2020.

Our masks, snorkels, paddle boards, body boards and clothing come from Decathlon. We consider them to be great value given their performance at sea. Perhaps one day Decathlon will see fit to further support Meet the Sea given our values of education, family, sustainability and ecotourism. One can only hope!

Why the discount?

Because if you love Decathlon, you will probably love us.

We have received enthusiastic reviews representing about 2,000 passengers last summer 2023. They are children and adults who love the sea, were thrilled to snorkel and enjoy 4hours of adventure.

Reviews outlined the same repeatedly: “great family memory”, “perfect combination of education and entertainment”, “loved the interaction with animals”. Come see for yourself and let us entice you with a discount for those who enjoy visiting the sports store in Ibiza.

Decathlon Ibiza discount code for Meet the Sea

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We are looking forward to sharing our adventures with us.

Pacha Ibiza original 1973 building in the outskirts of Ibiza

Pacha Ibiza

Pacha Ibiza clients’ special offer for summer 2023 by Meet the Sea in selected experiences.

A bit of history

Pacha Ibiza was founded in 1973, and the sleepy island was no more. The risky bet of genius entrepreneur Ricardo Urgell confused a few locals back then: it was too far from town. You have to picture an old farmhouse in the fields…in what is now a club surrounded by residential buildings.

The stories are true: two policeman wanted to shut the club in the 70’s because there was not enough light to read the newspaper. Later that decade it was equally threatened because two men had been seen dancing together. Spain was coming out of the dark ages and Pacha was leading the change.

The 80’s are the decade of our founder’s youth. And what a decade it was! Thank you for the fun, the music and the beautiful people with whom we laughed.

The club we admire led social change and brought joy through music. Ibiza is tolerance, extravagance and freedom thanks to the legendary club.

Why the Pacha Ibiza offer

We share the spirit of Pacha and of his founder as we spent some of the best nights of our lives there in the 80’s. We think that Meet the Sea’s philosophy is largely influenced by Ibiza and Pacha.

The combination of sea and nightlife is the backbone of your Ibiza experience and we want to suggest our sea adventures. We have enjoyed the sea of Ibiza for decades and want to share what we feel with you.

Have a look and come join us!

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We are thrilled to welcome you in any of our experiences soon!


cafe del mar

Cafe del Mar

Cafe del Mar clients’ special offer for summer 2023 by Meet the Sea in selected experiences.

A bit of history:

The café was founded in 1980, right on the promenade that faces the island of Sa Conillera(or Conejera). At the time nothing could make you suspect what the promenade would become.

A different kind of beat started to sound at sunset time, towards 1988 the first time we heard it. People would look at one another and wonder what sound was playing that made the sunset magic. And then they would get up, talk to the DJ and walk away with cassette tapes recorded there. The rest is history as chill out or sunset sessions began to add another dimension to our lives.

Ibiza music history cannot be understood without San Antonio’s club and bar names that sprung in the 60’s. But Café del mar was the brand that made that portion of coast known around the world.

Why the discount?

Café del Mar was the place where Meet the Sea founders liked to spend time in the summers of the 80’s and 90’s. Today the bay of San Antonio is where our boats offer unforgettable daily sea experiences. And every time we sail by Café del Mar we smile to ourselves and remember the magic of the place.

Memories are not all we share with Café del mar. We also share values: discovery, adventure and sea. Those three ingredients are part of of all our experiences. That is why we want to invite like-minded clients to enjoy our understanding of Ibiza beauty. And to do so with a small discount to help you take the step!

Meet the Sea experiences and your discount code:

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Sunset cafe del mar


DIPEF Ibiza & Formentera DJ’s Association is born

December 1, 2022

DIPEF is the Ibiza and Formentera DJ’s association whose inauguration took place today at the Standard hotel in Ibiza town. Local DJ’s join forces to create a legal structure to strengthen their community and solidify the tradition of Ibiza as a hub of musical creativity.

The tradition of Ibiza as a melting pot of creative trends dates from the 1930’s. Consolidation of its musical heritage took place in the 60’s and with it a well-documented progression until achieving status as epicentre of electronic music. But perhaps what is not so well known is the role of local resident DJ’s and their contribution to Ibiza’s success in music.

DIPEF is born today with the objective of assisting local DJ’s in their professional and creative careers. Striving for for heightened visibility and improving working conditions is at the top of their list. We listened today to president Christian Len who stressed the importance of focusing on making the local DJ more competitive. The author of “Balearic: history of Ibiza’s club culture” is also convinced of the long term benefits to the cultural development of Ibiza.

Igor Marijuan, co-founder of mythical Ibiza Sonica and spokesman of DIPEF, encouraged the audience to become active members. “It is time to regroup, unite forces and affect our own destiny”, he said, rather than play the role of victims of a system that has traditionally favoured imported music. Igor is a self-made leading figure in the Ibiza music scene who knows well the obstacles to overcome as a local DJ.

Guadalupe Revuelta curated the press conference and opened the floor to questions from the audience.

What DIPEF DJ’s defend

The association seeks to solidify the image of the local DJ by asserting Ibiza as a place of unique cultural creativity, not just clubbing. It is only right to claim the genuinely local origins of Balearic, chill out or sunset music.

In order to export local music productions and reduce its traditional and steady import, DIPEF aims to promote a local style or Ibiza brand. A dedicated team of professionals will lead the way and will also ensure the assistance to young professionals venturing into this very competitive field.

It was truly inspiring to hear the determination of established figures of the music scene committing to DIPEF. We get the unequivocal feeling that the association is led by true professionals with a clear goal in mind and the experience to achieve it.

Meet the Sea looks forward to supporting the development of DIPEF in what we consider a crucial step in securing the musical heritage of Ibiza.

Leaders of DIPEF

Christian Len, President, author of “Balearic: history of Ibiza’s club culture” and resident DJ at Blue Marlin, Hostal La Torre or Pikes Hotel. He has participated in renowned projects such as Ibiza Sonica, Openlab or Sonar radio. he is currently the director of

Oliver Azor, Vicepresident, DJ and producer since the 90’s. One of the most respected and established figures of spanish house music. He was resident of Amnesia and Space Ibiza and produced for Mindshake records, Defected, Azuli, Flashmob, Playmobil or Und The Rdar. He is also the founder of Pandora, which he currently directs at Lio (Pacha Ibiza).

Anna Tur, Ibiza born and established international DJ, was a director at Ibiza Global radio until 2020. She later founded Balearic, her current radio project. She is a also a force behind IMA Agency 360.

David Moreno, pioneering radio figure since 1992 with Ibiza Dance and public figure of Ibiza Global Radio fame. He currently manages his own station, Pure Ibiza radio. Throughout his radio career he was able to carve out a great career as DJ.

Igor Marijuan, DJ, promoter and music curator. Musical director of Akasha Ibiza, cofounder of Ibiza Sonica in 2004 and one of the most influential figures of Ibiza music. He is also brand ambassador of Monad and promoter of his own party Pareidolia.

Rafa Ariza, long standing resident DJ in Ibiza at Space (Café Olé), Matinee group or Danzatoria Barcelona.And, of course, Bora Bora where he was artistic director to the end.

Guadalupe Revuelta, Secretary, degrees in Journalism, Advertising and Public Relations from Seville University and ParisVIII- Saint Denis. Over twenty years experience in information and corporate communication, specialised in strategic PR and media consulting focusing in tourism and creative industries.

Pau Mind, Treasurer, diploma in economics from UOC, Dj and native producer of Ibiza. pau always combined his academic and professional pursuits with his love for music until in 2018, he made the right choice. he is today resident DJ at Pandora.

DIPEF Ibiza and Formentera DJ’s association is born. Long Live DIPEF!

purple star

Purple star

Scientific name: Ophidiaster ophidianus

It is a large starfish that can reach 40cm in width. It always has five arms with very soft and smooth grainy skin. It feeds on small invertebrates although it prefers shellfish. It lives on rocky bottoms with scarce lighting up to 100 meters deep.


This star is protected by international legislation. Its main threat is collection for sale for decorative purposes.

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Ibiza artist Julia Ribas' exhibit at Can Tixedó

Ibiza artist Júlia Ribas’ exhibit in Can Tixedó

November 22, 2022

Meet the Sea attends the exhibit of Ibiza artist Júlia Ribas in Can Tixedó and marvels at her depiction of typical local farmhouses.

I must admit I was not familiar with Júlia Ribas’ work until I arrived in Can Tixedó art café on Sunday. A picture in the local newspaper, Diario de Ibiza, announcing her most recent exhibit caught my eye. My passion for all expressions of traditional Ibiza did the rest.

Sunday afternoon was unseasonably warm once again. A beautiful day to drive around the fields of the island and follow the backroads of Sant Antoni until you arrive to Can Tixedó, an old shop turned bar by the side of the road and now with a solid tradition of hosting local artists. Right next to the café is the market of Forada that takes place on saturdays and that should not be missed either if you come to Ibiza.

Julia’s work

As soon as I entered the exhibit I was shocked. Facing me was a painting of a XVI century ibiza farmhouse that could not have been more realistic. I have seen over the years many interpretations of ibicenco fincas, ranging from the naïf to the abstract, but this painting made me feel like I never had before.

The painting makes you understand at once that you are before a farmhouse that was built out of necessity. That those that built it did so gradually, with hard work, as the family grew and additional areas were needed. You might almost be able to tell their story, their daily lives and appearance. Julia’s paintings evoke the history of the houses and the stories of those who lived in them.

I was fortunate enough that Júlia was there on Sunday. She was having lunch with family or friends, but still parted to speak to me and greet me though we had never met. She explained that part of the “realism” I felt was down to the lime she used to paint the houses. The same lime that for centuries has protected from insects and disease the farms. She also explained that the use of “betún de judea” or Bitumen of Judea was responsible for the range of brown across the painting. This was used often in homes to protect wooden objects and its use helped me recognise a tone that was familiar.

Nobody should miss Ibiza artist Júlia Ribas exhibit in Can Tixedó. I hope to find more Ibiza jewels this winter and share them with you.

The use of lime for the walls of the houses and Judea bitumen for doors and other brown tones make Julia Ribas' paintings realistic.
Meet the Sea attends Julia ribas exhibit at can Tixedo.
Gregorio Cañellas with Ibiza artist Júlia Ribas at her exhibit in Can Tixedó
Painting by Julia Ribas depicting the patio of an ibicenco farmhouse in her exhibit at Can tixedó

Beadlet anemone

Scientific name: Actinia equina

Beadlet anemone are solitary animals that colonize rocks and coastal crevices. They have a foot that allows them to adhere and move slowly through rocks. It is primarily a nocturnal hunter that feeds on small fish and crustaceans with the help of its stinging tentacles.


Their ability to retract the tentacles and close with seawater allows them to live for periods of time out of the water. They tend to open their tentacles at night.

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