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Onboard your Yacht with Smartcharter

You may now enjoy the Meet the Sea experience delivered to your private yacht or day charter.
From June 1st, 2021, Smartcharter is offering our Meet the Sea “Onboard your yacht” experience to their clients. You may now enjoy the Meet the Sea marine experience delivered to your yacht wherever you have dropped anchor in Formentera or Ibiza.

What is “Onboard your Yacht”?

Our team comprised of 2 members arrives in a zodiac to the location of your yacht. We pick you up and take you to a nearby zone selected by our marine biologist that is brimming with marine life and natural beauty. It is time to put on our snorkelling gear and go on a guided tour to enjoy beautiful and wild settings and…learn a bit about marine life!
The activity lasts for about three hours and is a true marine adventure and an opportunity for you to become an “expert” in marine biology and take some beautiful underwater pictures. We will have our subaquatic drone with us to make your experience more complete!

How do you book “Onboard your Yacht”?

You may book through Smartcharter by calling them when you reserve your day charter. We just need to know a day in advance and Smartcharter will let us know. You decide the time of day you want us to come to you, morning or afternoon.

For who is this activity ideal?

We always think that children in particular can benefit from the activity, but to our surprise it is adults who ask more questions and are active participants.The value of learning about the sea and enjoying its beauty can never be overstated. Offer the opportunity to friends and family!

Smartcharter is the largest boat chartering company in Ibiza and Formentera.
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Our 2021 subaquatic drone exclusive

An Ibiza premiere!

May 1st, 2021 will see the introduction of our fantastic subaquatic drone in all our boat trips and private charters. The drone will allow you to visualise marine life from the comfort of your boat at incredible depths: Our drone can scour to 100 metres (300 ft) below the surface, where not even divers can go!

Be sure not to miss this great experience for children and adults.

Whether as a part of our family excursion or on a private charter you will enjoy some of our most talked about experiences:

A snorkelling guided tour to watch the lives and habitat of many local species like sea urchins, octopuses, starfish and others in Cala ComteCala Bassa and Cala Salada.

A chance to scour the depths of the sea with our subaquatic drone and see the many secrets and surprises it holds for us..

A fantastic onboard lunch, the chance to discover the wonders of our Ibiza gastronomy, the magic of sunset and cocktails…